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75 9th Avenue
New York, NY, 10011
United States

French Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Chelsea Market, New York. Every gems are available online as well.

Kids Corner

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Biberon Francais

You make little wonders, they do their feeding bottles.

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Colonel Moutarde

French up your little one's holiday outfit.


Les Petits Carreaux

Les Petits Carreaux is a French design, California inspired collection for children and women. Les Petits Carreaux combines timeless with effortless style. Each collection is ethically manufactured in San Francisco. Each product is designed with the care of comfort and natural fabrics.

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This fabulous storyteller device allows kids to create their own story by choosing various elements—the hero, setting, second character and an object—simply and intuitively.

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For almost 25 years now, Papo has been helping children to grow and to discover the world around them by creating the first princesses, princes, dragons and knights.
Papo continues to produce fine quality toys that last over time and can be passed on from generation to generation.

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Doudou et Cie

Famous French brand for birth gifts.