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Home Decor


Maison Images d'Epinal

Maison Images d’Épinal is the most famous and last imagery in the world. From the 18th to the 20th century, imageries played a major role in the transmission of popular knowledge. Established in 1796, the Imagerie d’Épinal has composed an inestimable heritage for 220 years, with tens of thousands of images created from engraved wood and lithographic stones. 

Torchon Moutet Archive.JPG

Tissage Moutet

TISSAGE MOUTET have acted as leaders in the Basque weaving industry ever since 1919. MOUTET came up with the first ever collection of modern and colorful quality pieces in a new line of 100 % cotton table cloth and tea towels, woven in traditional Jacquard technique. MOUTET has now gained recognition worldwide in the field of household and service linen. ''Innovation through style'' approach signals the company true landmark.


Emaux de Longwy

Since 1798 , Emaux de Longwy enchantes connoisseurs from Empereur Napoleon Bonaparte to contemporary interior designers. Merging the faiencerie and the cloisonné enamels on ceramic inspired by Asia, Longwy stays the sole producer in the world of this specific and beautiful technique.


Forge de Laguiole

Each knife takes several hours or even days to manufacture. Over 40 successive steps are needed to realize one. The quality of the finish, the strength of the blade and the spring, the thickness of the bolsters and plates, as well as the accuracy of the calibration are the elements that contribute to its longevity. Forge de Laguiole integrates all these manufacturing steps.


Coutellerie d'Artisanat Francais

A selection of the best French craftsmen in the field.


La P'tite Fabrik

During the first half of the 20th century, jute bags were used in France to transport seeds and fertilizers. Companies used to print their logos on this jute bags. These specific markings are the basis of this Home Decor French brand producing unique pieces and small series. 


Joli Buro

Joli Buro has been created by a couple of French industrial designers. Together, they wanted to create a business that has a positive impact on the world, for better health and with the environment in mind. Since the meaning of Joli Buro is « Pretty Desk», the brand philosophy is to find the best balance between beautiful and useful objets for the daily life. 



Epicureans essentials and wine accessories.



Since 1860, Chevillotte is manufacturing the most luxurious pool for the greatest players. One of this jewel ''billard'' will be showcased at the pop-up shop. Available for free parties


KLD Design

KLD Design creates and designs furniture and participates in the embellishment of outdoor/interior, urban and peri-urban daily living spaces.