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Gourmet Food

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Dufour Gourmet

Chef Aurélien Dufour is proud to present the finest handmade pâtés, sausages and specialty meats that will delight all food lovers' taste buds. 

Aurélien learned in France with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France-distinguished Charcutier the technique and tradition of French charcuterie. There, he mastered pâtés, terrines, galantines, ballotines, crépinettes and sausages, and also participated in many charcuterie competitions. After working in New York for seven years under the prestigious Chef Daniel Boulud and his restaurant group, Aurélien launched his own wholesale company, Dufour Gourmet. 

Since his debut in NYC, Aurélien has gained recognition from the press and has upheld a strong reputation amongst his industry peers for the quality of his work, his dedication, and exceptional savoir-faire that only very few know in the United States.



Traditional French cookie maker, leader of its market,Gavottes was established in 1920 in Brittany, France. The Gavottes are light Crispy Crêpes dentelles, baked just the way the authentic – and secret! – old recipe.  Some of those deliciously airy crunchy cookies are wrapped in dark or milk Belgium chocolate, whilst others are filled with caramel, or pure cocoa & hazelnut crème; and recently launched, our savory Crispy Crêpes come filled with Boursin® cheese, garlic and fine herbs, or Basil Pesto, making them a natural and tasteful snack. 



Jacquet is a French leading baker, since 1885. They believe and promote the joy of simplicity and the good life, creating delicious and easy to use bakery products. They are proud to bring you 100% tasteful and natural waffles and crepes, that every family can enjoy at anytime.


Kusmi Tea



Since 1867, Kusmi Tea, French tea house born in Russia, has been offering to gourmets the finest high quality tea blends.