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Saint James

Since 1889, Saint James has stood as a ward of French artisanship by keeping its knitting craftmanship in practice and has received official recognition for mainting this heritage (Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).

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My Wax Paris

Ready-to-wear brand combining the fashion components of both origins of the designer: the ethnic and colorful Wax fabrics and Bogolan dear to her native Mali, and the chic cuts and influences of Parisian style. Each piece is unique.


French Touch by Elise

Exquisite wearable art inspired by nature. Exclusive collection of exceptional and extraordinary scarves. Each unique design is meant to bring individuality and colorful personality to every person who wears them. Manufactured in Lyon, France, where most famous silk producers are based. Limited edition


BomBom Lingerie

BomBom is a new French brand of Lingerie for curvy Women.