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Alban Muller

This pioneer, vegetal aficionado, is known and recognized by the Natural beauty industry. Specialist of plants extracts, initiator of numerous progress in this field, he supplies for 40 years all the big players of the cosmetic Industry. He finally takes the plunge today and presents under his own name a first collection of four exclusive products: original, new and natural certified formulas, ultra-concentrated with proven results.



C.LAVIE was created with the intention of providing natural, effective skincare to even the most sensitive skin types. The result is a curated line of gentle, yet effective blends that respect all skin types and concerns. All products are certified Organic.



🌾Slow beauty to feed skin and soul. Raw Shea Butter expert.



Solid cosmetics specialist. 

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Phyto Paris

Hair care powered by plants. They will offer braids bar and free consultation. Book your spot.

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Môme Care



Môme Care is a brand of cosmetics 100% French synonymous with safety, quality and reliability for girls and boys aged 5 to 15+ years. The skin of children and teenagers is a growing sensitive organ, which requires age specific care. All Môme Care products are formulated without allergenic substances or unwanted ingredients. 



Prose offers fresh and custom-made hair care, combining expertise from a professional stylist (online or in-salon), clients’ unique needs and the highest-quality ingredients to help clients achieve great hair.